We’re very grateful for the support we get from local churches and all have representatives on our committee. In addition we have a very willing team of volunteers drawn from all sections of the community.

Year by year, since the food bank was set up, the number of local people we support has increased. 35 families were identified to receive extra food this summer during the school holidays when school meals were not available. At Christmas, families and individuals referred to us by various local organisations will receive a standard food box and some extra Christmas items – last year the total was 42 (189 bags of food) and we expect to have more referrals this year.

At our recent committee meeting we discussed how we could reach out more effectively to older people, reluctant (for a variety of reasons) to approach a food bank. We reviewed the list of food items we provide and considered whether we should extend the range to include toiletries. We also decided to increase the value of the green grocer vouchers we offer for fresh produce. We talked about creating our own website, improving our storage systems and updating our mobile phone – and the meeting still finished on time!

Steve Drew