Before Christmas our volunteers worked feverishly every Tuesday and Saturday morning, date-checking the food, making sure the shelves were loaded and that there were no shortages of the basics, in readiness for packing the special food parcels at the beginning of December.

We had some extra funds to buy treats, knowing that this would make a big difference, especially to children, at Christmas. The hard work really began when the food had to be packed into parcels. On Saturday 9 th December 245 bags of food were packed by 13 tireless and dedicated volunteers, working to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Then on Monday 11 th December a group of young people from Corsham School helped to load everything onto the van ready for delivery.

Since Christmas, now that winter has arrived, requests for short-term help from various agencies have increased significantly. Fortunately we are able to keep our cupboards very well-stocked, thanks to our regular donations of food from the collection boxes in Sainsburys, the Co-op and McColls and all the local churches. We will have to make sure we have a full range of balanced food to offer when we make our next distribution of food. This will be just before the school holidays at Easter time, when we know that some families will find it harder to provide meals for their children. Last year 37 families were referred to us for extra help at Easter and we are expecting that number to increase again this year. We use the points accumulated on our special Nectar Card to buy treats at Christmas and Easter. All points go on a central card to buy food and any food bank supporter can have one. (Ring the food bank mobile if interested)