How do I qualify for help from the Foodbank?

We give vouchers to a number of local agencies who can issue them to clients of their organisation who they may feel need help. The client then brings the voucher to the Foodbank and food will be issued in proportion, whether it be to a family, a couple or a single person.

Alternatively, clients can visit the Foodbank during its opening hours, (Tuesday and Saturday mornings between 10 and 11.30) discuss their situation with an experienced volunteer.

A decision will be made on whether food will be issued based on the circumstances of each case. In this situation, clients are asked to make efforts to visit one of the agencies holding our vouchers if they need further help in the future.

In an emergency, food can be issued out of normal opening hours by making contact with a Foodbank volunteer on the organisation’s mobile phone 07788 115095.

How much food is provided?

We aim to provide short term help by issuing enough food for 3 meals a day for at least 3 days, though in practice our issues will normally last longer than this.

Can I get help on more than one occasion?

If circumstances are such that help may be needed on more than one occasion, for example in the case of benefit delays, the circumstances will be reviewed and a decision made to issue food. In normal circumstances we would not expect to issue food on more than 3 occasions.

Contact Details for Local Agencies

Corsham Money and Debt Advice

01249 712 075

Green Square

01249 466061

Mandy Wilcox/ Donna Mitchell /Angie Tinson

Local Health Advisor

07500 071707

Kerri Ann Harmer

Rise Trust

07715 681956

Angela O’Connor

Corsham Primary School

01249 712387
01225 811997

Hazel Hammett

Citizens Advice

01249 454720

Maggie Falcone

Carers Support

01380 871690

Heather Byrd/Denise Cooper

Hungerford House

01249 712107

H Debbie Yeates

Porch Surgery

01249 712232

Janet Curtis

Box Surgery

01225 742361

Lypiatt School

01225 810573

Carolyn Atkins

RAF Association Welfare Officer

01225 811887

John Roger

Turning Point

0345 603 6993

Corsham Regis

01249 712294

Tracie Brewer

St Patricks School

01225 713125

Anna Jones

Sovereign Housing Association

0800 587 2325

Luke Warren

St Aldhelms Church Hall, Pickwick Road, Corsham SN13 9BS

Opening hours:
Tuesday 10 - 11:30 am.
Saturday 10 - 12:00 noon.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer for the Foodbank please phone 07788 115095.

Alternatively get in touch using the contact form.