On 21st November we had a visit from around 50 children from Reception Class and Year 5, all pupils at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Corsham.

The school has a practice of “buddying up” the Reception Class with pupils in Year 5 – and it seems to work very well for all the children, giving the Year 5s a sense of responsibility and the Reception Class a feeling of security and friendship in their first year at school. They came to see how the Foodbank works at first hand, with first a short explanation of what we do and why, and then a chance for half of them to pack some bags of food for us, while the other half coloured in some compliment slips that will be going out with bags of food we will be issuing at Christmas. Then the groups swapped round, with everyone getting a biscuit at the end.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit – the children were very well behaved, a credit to their teachers and the school. We hope another group will come again next year.